Lincoln, NE

Welcome to Premier Vision

Dr. Novak and his team are thrilled to welcome you to Premier Vision. Our team in Lincoln, NE strives for all patients to feel welcome and comfortable while providing a best-in-class patient experience. With over nine years of experience, Dr. Novak is committed to understanding the challenges you’re experiencing and then providing the most comfortable care and treatment possible. We look forward to serving you at Premier Vision!

Dr. Dan Novak, Lincoln Eye Doctor


Dr. Dan Novak is thrilled to serve the Lincoln, NE community with the opening of his new practice, Premier Vision!  We’ve put together a team of talented and professional individuals who have a passion that is unparalleled for helping you and your family see and feel better.  Learn more about your eye doctor and our team now!

Lincoln, NE

5 Reasons to Visit Premier Vision

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Premier Vision provides best-in-class eye care by utilizing state of the art equipment. We seek to deliver the highest standard of personalized patient care to you and your family through the use of innovative and cutting edge technology.

Variety of Frames

We are proud to offer a unique selection of frames to our patients. We carry both boutique and global brands in a wide range of styles and prices. We are confident you’ll find a pair of glasses that make you feel confident and comfortable.

Lens Options

The lenses in your glasses are as unique as the frame that holds them. We offer an extensive range of lenses that will not only help you see your best but will help you feel your best.

Personal Touch

Dr. Novak and his team go above and beyond to ensure you have a comfortable, personal, and productive experience at Premier Vision. We’ve made patient satisfaction the center of our practice and are committed to providing you with the Premier eye care experience.


Conveniently located at 84th St and Firethorn Lane, just south of Van Dorn street.

Lincoln, NE

Explore Our EYE CARE Services

Premier Vision is dedicated to providing you with the best optometric services in Lincoln, Nebraska. Dr. Novak, your new eye doctor, and his team offer comprehensive eye care services, emergency care, and treatments for almost every eye disease or disorder, plus more!


Myopia Control is a new and specialized treatment for children used to slow the progression of nearsightedness. Premier Vision is excited to offer this new treatment to provide the best possible care to the families of Lincoln, NE!


Premier Vision’s comprehensive eye exams measure the health of the entire eye. Dr. Novak evaluates each area of your ocular health to ensure your eyes remain as healthy as possible for years to come.


Do you experience chronic headaches, neck pain, eye strain, and fatigue from the demands of the digital age?  We have the answer for you! 


Dr. Novak is experienced in treating most ocular diseases and related disorders. Using the latest in technology advancements, we are able to offer an innovative and comfortable approach to the care and treatment of our patients.